Schedule of Applicable fees for the INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED DIGITAL MARKETING

Schedule of Applicable Fees

Membership Orientation & Re-certification Fee
Graduate Member         
Associate Member         
Full Member         
Fellow     Executive Membership Programme Induction MBA/MSc Conversion Programme Upgrading Continous Executive Development Programme (CEDEP) Annual Subscription

Student             –       N3,000
Graduate           –       N5,000          
Associate          –       N10,000
Full Member     –       N15,000  
Fellow               –       N25,000


                                               FOUNDATION (CERTIFICATE)           INTERMEDIATE (DIPLOMA)             FINAL (PGD)

                                               FCDM I                      FCDM II             ICDM 1         ICDM II                         PCDM I            PCDM II

Application Fee                     N5,000                         -                     N7,500               -                              N9,000

Examination Fee                   N5,000                     N5,000              N5,000          N5,000                        N5,000             N5,000

Exam Fee/Paper                    N3,000 X 3            N3,000 X 3          N5,000         N5,000 X 3                 N7,000 X 3       N7,000 X 3

Exemption Fee                       N18,000                N15,000               N30,000       N25,000                     N35,000           N35,000

Annual Subscription              N3,000                   N3,000                 N3,000         N3,000                        3,000                3,000

On successful completion of the Final stage, candidates will be admitted as Associates. Induction fee is N50,000.00.

Executive Professional Programmes (DIRECT MEMBERSHIP)

SEMP – Senior Executive Membership Programme (Fellows)
Course fee: =N= 600,000.00 Includes Induction fee

SEMP – Senior Executive Membership Programme (Full Members)
Course fee: =N=450,000 Includes induction fee

EMP – Executive Membership Programme
Course fee: =N= 300,000.00 Includes Induction fee

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